Let them bloom…

I came home from church this morning and my neighbors were outside gardening in the front yard. It inspired me to get out there and do something with my front yard, so I did just that. Mom and I took the truck to Lowes today to get some gardening supplies and picked up a table to match some chairs that we had and some begonias. For as long as I could remember mom has spent long, hard hours out in here garden working to create a beautiful escape. I guess I never really realized how long and hard it is to get a garden started from nothing and today I learned. I didn’t get to the back yard but today I made good progress on the front, although it is not complete yet it is a start. Here are some pictures:


Before ^


^The flowers


^During! I found this old pot of good soil back behind the bush and it was just enough to do my front two gardens.


^After! Still needs a lot of work but it is making progress. Tonight after I came home from church I trimmed the bushes and raked out the old leaves. It helped :)


^and of course I found plenty of these, you know what this mean- perfect time for fishing :)

Stay posted and I will update with pictures from the backyard and as my flowers bloom, because hopefully they will.

Thank you for reading :)

-Erin Amanda

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One thought on “Let them bloom…

  1. Aww I love your little gardens! Next time make Mark do all the hard labor. :)

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