Got a moon and a billion stars…

There is something to be said for fresh air and how it makes you feel. I did my best to take full advantage of that tonight seeing as how the weather held out at a beautiful 78 degrees for a majority of the night. I started the night with some ice cream and a walk through town with my precious 7 year old neighbor. But it was way too pretty outside to call it quits so after dropping him back at home I decided it was the perfect night for an outdoor movie :) In college we would pull the TV out in to our back yard and all of our neighbors would bring out their couches and we would sit out there and watch movies till early in the morning. It is one of my fondest memories from college. Tonight just happened to be perfect for an outdoor movie. After a quick stop by my parents house to pick up a lawn chair I was all set. This set up was sure not anything fancy but it worked…


     Tonight I realized just how thankful I am for my Iphone. not only was I able to watch the same movie as my old college roommate down in Gainesville but we were able to be talking on the phone at the same time… pretty cool, right? Technology is awesome-when I can figure it out. When it comes to taste in movies we are polar opposites.. so we picked the only movie we could agree on, Turtle Tales. Had I been 15 years younger I am sure I would have loved this movie but after 30 minutes in it was about all I could take. We ended up doing a 4 way call between all of the roommates from college, that was a sweet surprise to say the least. Sometimes it is just nice to have a break from worrying and thinking about all the crazy business that fills your mind the other 23 1/2 hours a day so it was nice to just have a break and enjoy some music and look at the stars.


^View from the front porch…


^the train <3


^A little music :)


^ The new Scotty McCreery single.. It is pretty good if you haven’t heard it yet I do recommend it.

      I know there was no real rhyme or reason to this post but thanks for reading anyway… I hope you were able to get out and enjoy this amazing weather also. It is amazing how good some fresh air can make you feel.

<3 EAS

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3 thoughts on “Got a moon and a billion stars…

  1. I want to come front-porch sit with you! Let’s make a plan! :)

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